• I Switched to Natural Deodorant and Here’s What Happened

    I had been seriously thinking about switching to a natural deodorant for several months. Of course I’ve been hearing a lot for the past few years about how we should all be using natural deodorant because regular deodorant is basically killing us all. Spoiler: it is. But here’s the thing, I have always sweated A LOT. As someone who has… Read More

    I Switched to Natural Deodorant and Here’s What Happened
  • Designer Gift Guide

    I have a confession, I am the absolute worst person to buy gifts for. My poor mother has dealt with my Christmas list for years and never complains that her daughter is a neurotic lunatic. I can’t help it (I totally can) but I just like the things that I like and if I see something I want I buy… Read More

    Designer Gift Guide
  • Cyber Monday Sales

    Now that Black Friday Weekend (because it’s a whole weekend now deal with it) is gone it’s time for Cyber Monday! Which is basically all the same sales with different codes plus free shipping! I mean I won’t complain about it. I’ll be updating this through Monday so be sure to check back to see what’s new throughout the weekend!… Read More

    Cyber Monday Sales


black friday sales


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