• What I Want To Do Before 30

    It’s so weird to me to be turning 29. Some days I still feel like I’m 25 and never going to get any older and some days it feels like I’m on the verge of 90. It’s safe to say I thought my life would be very different by now to be totally honest. Not better or worse, just… different.… Read More

    What I Want To Do Before 30
  • Faux Fur Bomber

    Can we all agree we’re over this whole Winter thing? I can’t really handle any more days below freezing before I’m going to have to commit to never leaving the house again. I am actually so proud of myself for investing in a puffer coat and so many faux fur jackets during the Fall. One of my absolute favorite finds… Read More

    Faux Fur Bomber
  • Winter Date Style

    Hello 2018! The relief of starting a new year fresh feels so good. However the 0 degree temperature in St. Louis is not feeling so great. It’s been a long, cold weekend here and I am 100% ready to go somewhere with a beach. Not to mention all the good beachwear I keep seeing online lately. But since I’m in… Read More

    Winter Date Style


Faux Fur Bomber


What I Want To Do Before 30


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