• Leopard is a Neutral

    It may not feel like Fall in St. Louis yet, but I have started getting a little excited for Fall clothes. I have to be honest, the number one thing I like about cooler temps is faux fur. I have a huge love of faux fur (see here and here to start) so it’s the one thing that can get… Read More

    Leopard is a Neutral
  • How To Wear Pastels for Fall

    I’ve talked a lot before about how I basically only wear the colors black, white, grey, and blush. They’re my favorite colors and easy to mix and match. They’re classics and make it easy to buy lots of pieces that work together. But having this classic style can make it weird when I try to dress for Fall. I always… Read More

    How To Wear Pastels for Fall
  • French Beauty Favorites

    I’m incredibly particular when it comes to my beauty routine. I know myself well enough that I know I’ll never do a 10 step nightly beauty regime. But I also want amazing skin. So until someone invents a one-step magic serum, I just have to try a few different products and mixes to find what works for me. You probably… Read More

    French Beauty Favorites


Leopard is a Neutral


French Beauty Favorites


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