• Cyber Monday Sales

    Now that Black Friday Weekend (because it’s a whole weekend now deal with it) is gone it’s time for Cyber Monday! Which is basically all the same sales with different codes plus free shipping! I mean I won’t complain about it. I’ll be updating this through Monday so be sure to check back to see what’s new throughout the weekend!… Read More

    Cyber Monday Sales
  • Gift Guide For Her

    The holiday season is officially here! Admittedly I have been in the holiday spirit for a few weeks because we’ve already put our tree up. I regret nothing. It’s also time to start thinking about gifts for the people you love most in the world! Or maybe for the people you like moderately and don’t want to offend. Either way,… Read More

    Gift Guide For Her
  • Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

    It’s October, so you’ve probably thought to yourself “can I wear white after Labor Day?” at least 20 times now. Well I’m here today to tell you yes you certainly can! To be perfectly honest, I don’t really think that’s a thing anymore. At least I’ve decided that it’s no longer a thing, so we’re all wearing white whenever we… Read More

    Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day


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