• September Reading List

    Little Fires Everywhere The book revolves around The Richardson family and Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl who move to town and rent a house from them. It’s a suspenseful story about motherhood and learning that everyone has their secrets. I’ve read a lot of great things about this book and have been anticipating it’s release. I’m probably going to… Read More

    September Reading List
  • Why You Should Wait to Buy A Designer Trend

    I’ve always loved designer fashion. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the clothing, accessories, and history behind some of the most iconic fashion houses. I’ve wanted a Chanel bag for probably as long as I’ve been alive honestly. But I don’t have the income of someone who can afford an entire closet of designer clothes and bags.… Read More

    Why You Should Wait to Buy A Designer Trend
  • Friday Five

    Trader Joe’s flowers I’ve kept alive for almost 2 weeks Someone’s just not ready for Summer to be over I’ve been trying out some new Vital Proteins goodies (here and here). I love the Marine Collagen, but can’t figure out what to add the beauty greens to since I’m not a green smoothie/juice person. Please send any suggestions! Treated myself… Read More

    Friday Five


Why You Should Wait to Buy A Designer Trend


September Reading List


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